Ya Cantonese restaurant business hot entrepreneurship preferred

with the improvement of living standards, many people are fond of special delicacy, Ya Cantonese restaurant with distinctive characteristics, adhere to innovation, to create unique delicious Cantonese cuisine, Ya Cantonese restaurant with unique flavor dishes and won the hearts of consumers, entrepreneurs choose to join Ya Cantonese restaurant will open new opportunities.

many people ask how ya Cantonese restaurant? Ya Ya Cantonese restaurant is cantonese moon cake products, adhering to the production process and scientific formulation of the traditional, introduced a complete set of modern equipment, selection of the finest natural raw materials, finished thin skin stuffing, taste soft and moist, noble taste, good quality.

in recent years, Ya Cantonese restaurant and Ya moon cake with its excellent performance and excellent quality, has won the "national top class restaurant", "Shanghai famous brand products" title eight, Ya cantonese moon cake and Xinya catering service trademark, by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce administration both recognized as "famous trademark" Shanghai City, Shanghai catering industry to become the first won the products and services to the "double" of enterprises. Officially opened in January 2005, is located in Songjiang Xinya Food Co. Ltd., Jiuting Industrial Park, construction area of 13000 square meters, is a new phase synchronization and international development of the food industry food production base, is a green home garden, modern food and traditional food combining her built to expand Xinya brand. It will have a profound impact immeasurable.

with the development of the times, the catering market is constantly changing, Ya has been thinking, how to give full play to the time-honored brand advantage, cultural advantage, technology advantage, make the brand a huge intangible asset, attract to tangible assets, realize the extension and the value of the brand, so as to explore a traditional time-honored catering industry to cultivate new economic growth point of the road to success. Therefore, the management of Ya in 03 years in the second half of the year, is located in Songjiang Jiuting high tech park investment in new Xinya food production base, and put into trial production formally in February 2005.

In modern

, Ya Cantonese restaurant adhere to quality, continuous innovation and delicious, consumer favorite Ya Cantonese restaurant natural market, entrepreneurial investment Ya Cantonese restaurant, can open the door to wealth, Ya Cantonese restaurant main dishes are very attractive to consumers.

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