Retail business to do fast and slow points

if we go shopping, do not want to "fast"? For retail operators, if you want a higher quality of service, is not also need to provide more "fast" service? I am afraid that the current number of retail store operators are thinking about the problem, but also plagued countless operators.

we know, "fast" and "slow" is the most common in the daily life of a pair of antonyms. The so-called "fast" refers to the rapid response, quick action, emphasizing a strong sense of time, high efficiency. The so-called "slow", is slow reaction, slow action swallow, the lack of time concept, low efficiency. But is it anything that is "fast" and "slow"? No.

because sometimes too fast, it may lead to careless mistakes; and relatively slow but because of single-minded care, inability to be careful. Therefore, in daily life, everything is not absolute with the "speed" of the hero, with the "speed" and "should be overcritical, the speed is fast, when the" slow "should be slow, sometimes do both properly into account, so it is also in the retail business.

take a look at the following two shots:

lens 1: in A supermarket, a middle-aged woman with his grandson, hurried into the supermarket. She told the supermarket boss you need to buy two packets of crisps, two Deluxe milk, a Mount Huangshan cigarette and a bottle of wine to catch the ancient relatives. Supermarket boss also received her smile. The boss is very quickly, Mount Huangshan Deluxe smoke and wine to find Furui puree. But that day can not find the potato chips.

originally put on the shelf in the potato has been sold, but in the past few days because the boss with a hit TV series, not timely check the goods shelves, no timely replenishment. But at the moment, because the customer urge urgent, but also will forget where the potato chips. He turned to look for the west, it took more than and 10 minutes to find a pile of food after the shelves. The boss of this "slow" efficiency, not only cause female customer dissatisfaction, but also let the other checkout waiting several customers feel impatient.

lens 2:2016 early in July 2nd, a nearly 70 year old man came to the front of the B supermarket, he bought some of the goods, the retail owner told me to say some pork home. The boss action is deft fast, up knives and knife meat, bagging and weighing. 16.8 yuan, the boss told the old man. In fact, at this moment, the digital platform continues to jump, finally stopped in 16.68 yuan." At this point, the old man said: he said to the boss, obviously is 16.68 yuan, how is it $16.8?" At this time the boss is for their own sophistry: "just put on display is 16.8 yuan, is actually a dime."

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