How to look at the stars with his name as the name

stars because of life in the spotlight, all people are concerned about every act and every move, and because the star effect is really strong, resulting in a lot of shops are using the star effect under the stars do not know the increased benefit for himself, this case too many to count this lawsuit, do not know how much play play. However, the use of star names to the shop named case still a huge number, so, how to look at the stars with his name as the name?

"Zhou Jie tire shop", "Guo De steel market", "Zhang Liang video production center", imagine if the daily access to the name of the shop are changed into this, will not feel very cola? Recently because of a shop called "Chen tank Western tea shop goods" micro-blog, causing users of star name creative game, with the participation of books, Ning Caishen and a host of other director screenwriter, and Gao Qunshu himself could not escape the list, recently spoke with reporters, high books smiled and said, "take my name is" high group bookstore? Good friends, too."

the Chen tank Western tea shop goods "attention

days ago, some netizens drying out a photo on micro-blog, the picture is called a "Chen tank Western tea shop goods" shop signs, the netizen said: "I want to open a bakery beside Cecilia Cheung". This micro-blog raised many concerns, netizens even said "fun" and come up with a variety of creative name, the netizen is listed a list, 50 star names are a quasi name, from the "Li Bing refrigerator store" and "Ruby Lin Fasthotel", "Xie Ting royal jelly to store" "Maggie Cheung is an antique shop"……

2 16 afternoon, many stars have also joined the Creation Camp, Ning Caishen forwarded micro-blog contributed "Sammi Cheng Bra" provoked netizens praise badly, even the seemingly director He Ping also serious in speech and manner with the old friend Kaige Chen rinse to nominate Kaige Chen Theatre ", then director of books also joined the camp, out of a sentence:" He Ping bra monopoly." Of course, his name has not escaped the fate of being fun, "Gao Qunshu Gao Qun, group bookstore, newsstand academy have appeared.

mentality, we are almost the same star love spoof

looked at such a group of normally joined screenwriter director serious in speech and manner "name" contest, not by netizens curious to ask: "Star Love spoof? This is not afraid to destroy the image ah." "Nothing can be destroyed, I have no image." In February 16th the reporter received a telephone, chatted about the star name online play, director of books immediately overwhelmed with joy this is really fun."

he said he is usually a love spoof love "nonsense", but because of the micro-blog let everyone see his other side, "real"

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