Chiping college students couple entrepreneurial greenhouse into 200 thousand

now society, countries have to do poineering work in call for college students, at the same time in such a college student employment pressure is relatively large today, college students venture will become more and more popular, next to introduce such a couple of entrepreneurial entrepreneurial success stories should give us a lot of inspiration.

in Chiping County, Jia Zhai Zhen Hou Lou Cun, the reporter saw Hou Lei was only 26 years old, it is understood that Hou Lei in 2009 graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Shandong Normal University, then was forced by the pressure of employment, a decoration company he went to Beijing, although the income of 3000 yuan a month, but their entrepreneurial ideas has always been with him.


2009 years, after Hou Lei and his wife returned home, they start from their own 5 acres of land to build greenhouses, kinds of food, herbs, and expand the scale of the year by year. It is understood that in 3 years they will rent 7, 85 acres of land up to the name, as the town of large farming. At present, they rely on 2 shed, a total of 10 acres of grain, a total of 23 acres of herbal medicine set up their own family farm, annual income of $about 200000.

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