Beijing and other places for the courier tricycle on account effect

in our way of travel, there will be a lot of tools to facilitate travel, which is one of the tricycle, but the management of the tricycle has always been a troublesome thing. December 5th news reports, when it comes to express, we will think of what? Convenient, regardless of the weather…… But there are a lot of people who complain about electric tricycle rampage. Because the electric tricycle not as non motor vehicles, and there is no uniform standard, so in theory, it is the "three noes" vehicle. Recently, Ji’nan, Suqian, Beijing and other places have begun to pilot to express electric tricycle on the account, the effect?

Beijing and other places for the express tricycle on the account, help to strengthen the regulation of the tricycle, but also more conducive to traffic in the invisible order. These two days, carefully to the people of Beijing have found that children on the road express electric change. The left, right and rear sides of the car were replaced with new stickers. The upper part of the unification of white and blue words, write "express" words, the lower half of the courier company to save the logo. There are a row of digital encoding, the top three is the enterprise, five is a specific encoding, this is the car license plate.

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