How to manage franchise chain

how to operate the franchise chain? This is a lot of investment novice need to learn. With scientific methods, make their stores more prosperous business, this is the right way. What methods can be used for reference? Xiaobian finishing the relevant experience, I hope you can provide some reference.

1, identify the location: according to the advantages of educational chain stores, determine the main operation of the project, rather than to see what other people make money blindly follow the trend.

2, integrity: integrity education, good faith enrollment, especially to the integrity of cooperation between peers before the villain gentleman, it is best to sign a cooperation agreement. If not timely implementation of commitments, or did not fulfill their commitments, should take the initiative to actively communicate, there is no way to solve, must be in accordance with the agreement, timely and full refund and compensation for breach of contract and don’t have any excuse.

3, standard operation: occupation education and training project, related to a family, and even the country. Law-abiding, edge ball project, it is best not to touch. In particular, the driver’s license, teacher’s license, physician and other items out of the card, because these are related to personal safety, personal, social, national, so do not participate in the


4, do not make price war: lower prices for the education of chain stores is obviously reduced profits, the students must be service quality decline, because "a penny", loss of business, in addition to short-term promotion, who can not do.

5, peer is the most appropriate, but also the most likely partner. Not necessarily peer competitors, peers are male and bosom friend. Is the best partner. Don’t each other Jieduan, can be said to myself, emphasizing their own advantages, but don’t speak ill of others. To be friendly, seeking business complementarity, mutual exchange of needed products, integration of resources, cooperation and win-win.

education chain stores how to operate successfully? Find the right positioning and methods to make the business more smoothly. You can find the right way in practice. Cooperate with us, so that operators can do worry business, wealth management is no longer difficult, more peace of mind, worthy of attention.

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