Nanjing nstitute of Technology graduates venture company to recruit students

management activities has been implemented for more than a year, during which many college students actively participate in creating entrepreneurial career, as of now, many entrepreneurial companies recruit students return to school, fully practice the benign development trend of entrepreneurship to promote employment.

graduated last year "Buns brother Liu Bomin, thinking of using the Internet to sell steamed buns, steamed stuffed bun to the upscale office, just two years in Nanjing, Suzhou and other places have opened more than and 200" nice garden "baozi inn.

is the Kan Yi Long Suspension entrepreneurship is the main market of community service, launched the "Star City" concept of the Internet community, through the APP, so that residents can move a finger, "one click" can find a laundry, barber, maintenance and other services, work only 1 years, leading to about 50000000 yuan vc.

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