Listen to a business failure of private prosecution the details of everything

we are either doing things to try, or give up halfway, so it’s hard to stick to it, always design a perfect ending, but haven’t arrived when you can see the end stop. A lot of things if we can go according to their original ideas, will not have the same outcome? But without the wind and rain, how to see the rainbow, thanks to each painful experience let us learn a lot from the growth of many! This is the story of some of the experience of a failed entrepreneurs, here for everyone to share, hope and you share.

09, my friend and I made a website to sell baby supplies and clothing. Team a clear division of labor, with money tight but slightly lack of technology enough, but enough startup, not lack of channels. But it’s still ninth months away. At that time, we do not plan to do much, mainly is to sell. Invested less than 200 thousand, a loss of up to one hundred thousand. Although not much, but a lot of heartache, and then reflect on a lot of things that can not forget the life:

1. plan on passing a word, probably in the implementation is very difficult. The fatal problem is not the big direction, but the accumulation of many details.

example: good pictures of goods. This matter, we are not satisfied with the final. In particular, the baby clothes shoot, can not be used hemp beans, can not use the model, flat pendulum did not feel. Anyway, it’s not good for tmd. Things like this are quite a lot. Therefore, the overall quality of the project, is a lot of many details of the decision.

2. do not understand the industry, or understanding is not comprehensive enough, often bring problems never considered.

example: we do baby supplies, clothing. Because the University in Changshu to read, a lot of baby brand headquarters in Jiangsu in Changshu, there are several relatively large brand hosting company. We talked about some of them. The fatal problem is: in the clothing industry, each piece of clothing, in the purchase, must be color, size of the. For example, a paragraph, there are three size, three colors, then you will have to purchase a set. We were doing before, do not know the rules of the industry, so, good sales size profits, in exchange for a pile of bad sales size.

3.’s attention is not focused on the core issues.

example: at the beginning, we focus our attention on the website experience, product packaging, photo shooting, and so on. The core of e-commerce: selling. I didn’t do much real thing. Electronic commerce, light electronics, heavy business. We should focus most of our attention on improving our sales, but we are wasting a lot of things that are not so important. Recommended

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