Mutual support for their business fire

no matter what kind of shop we run, it is impossible to include all kinds of goods, which can not make all the customers satisfied. What’s more, the shop is now doing business will be restricted by the size of the store, the operation of the species is limited. The couple opened a small store, store with surface, hot and dry noodles, conventional varieties. Although the man is very careful operation, but due to many reasons, store business has been lukewarm.

one morning, a middle-aged man into their shop, carefully asked: "boss, you have Boiled dumplings do not sell?" The woman hurried up, enthusiastically recommend: "although there is no Boiled dumplings, but we can have several noodles, very delicious. Would you like a bowl?" Middle-aged man shook his head: "as long as I can Boiled dumplings. Can you tell me where?" A woman can not do business, coldly said: "I know. You find yourself!"

at this time, just the man dragged back. He put down the work, with a finger, "said in front of the home Boiled dumplings sell", also told him how to get specific, next to what sign. Middle aged people are very grateful to leave in a hurry.

There are always people standing in front of the shop to sell a variety of

bursts, ask the shop. If not, women are always too lazy to get up and say nothing about it. Men are not, the situation is very familiar to the surrounding stores, always enthusiastic direction, until others find out so far.

this, the woman said with disdain: "always do something irrelevant to the store, in the end what is a map?" Man Han Han smile, said: "nothing, goodwill. Do not do their own business, to others is the same." The woman pout, otherwise, we also engage in the variety?" Many men do not reason: "the store is small, can do more complex. Maybe it’s business!"

men specifically to extrapolate the business of "silly name" spread around. Unconsciously, the store’s customers gradually more up, and some also become regulars.

one day, a man asked the customer: "how do you know I have a fresh face here?" Customers smile, to a distant point, said: "the boss told me Boiled dumplings museum. They don’t sell seafood, but he specifically told me you do."

is not that unbelievable? There is not going to get the other owner’s approval, and to identify the customer come over? I see。 Men see light suddenly, women feel shy bowed his head. Good intentions of people, can get unexpected return. The business field is not only the competition, also have mutual support.

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