The first to eat crab automatic electronic pump open bottle

business market needs innovation, and these ideas from the nature of entrepreneurial innovation, market passionate entrepreneurs, when the bottle first appeared in the full automatic pump open, is a great shock to the masses, this invention from a small group of young.

1991 he decided to give up the Guangzhou enviable position, back to his birth home, and a few like-minded friends founded the Fucheng electronic factory. Products on the market after being welcomed by customers.

Feng Jianxiong after brewing ideas found signs, the rich man is not rich, the rich people are rich, he thought of the individual plant should be developed to a collective factory, let more people toward prosperity road. Feng Jianxiong’s idea of the town Party committee, the town government leaders enthusiastic support. In August 1992, the private electronic factory in cooperation with the Industrial Corporation, set up Sichuan Ting electrical manufacturing company, with Feng Jianxiong as managing director.

1993 June, Feng Jianxiong and the company’s scientific and technical personnel to develop the first open water bottle. To this end, he was awarded the "Ministry of domestic trade developing electric appliance business hero award". The company set up after a short period of time more than a year, it has development and production of rice cooker, automatic electronic pump thermos, lampblack machine, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, luxury type electronic light pipe bracket and a series of products, in the fierce competition in the market foothold.

now in more than and 20 provinces and cities nationwide, has opened more than and 600 sales outlets, "Sichuan Ting" became the popular market, the company and the huge warehouse useless, and often full of parked cars waiting to goods. Production of microcomputer cooker, lampblack machine, gas has also obtained the first national science and technology "window Gold Award", and is the National Consumer Council as a "trustworthy product", Chinese open coastal city commodity exposition gold prize. In 1993 the company’s annual output value of more than more than and 500 yuan of more than 100 million yuan, creating profits for the national collective nearly ten million yuan. This is a miracle.



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