Successful entrepreneurs three elements not less wise remark of an experienced person

look at the successful experience of entrepreneurs, can always draw some similarities in the move towards success, will inevitably encounter setbacks, but learn how to solve, is a very important thing, if you are interested in business, take a look at the perfect three elements of entrepreneurship so!

elements: original view

has unique insights or unique technology is the key to success, but the point is also the most difficult to do. Obviously, your original ideas or techniques (of course, it is best to have the patent) is your strengths, like if you master the Macintosh operating system what computer Apple Corp drag you, master this key.

two elements: red

competition in the forefront

three elements: change disadvantage into advantage

Another version of

to avoid confrontation is to change disadvantages into advantages. Michael? DELL was in the middle of 1980s used this strategy: from the beginning, we aim at a huge opportunity to our competitors did not see the customer service service, then we take this as the initial target of the enterprise.

1986, we implemented the first service project – home repair computer. If your computer is out of order, whether you are in the company, at home or in the hotel, we will be on-site service. We will arrive in second working days or on the same day. Later, DELL also provides 4 hours or even within 2 hours of on-site service. All of a sudden our competitors’ services seem to be out of date, and they are too slow.

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