Xuzhou Polytechnic Vocational College integration of entrepreneurship education and professional edu

although the national colleges and universities are in support of the work of college students, and to carry out the reform of the teaching system, in order to adapt to the needs of the times of talent. But schools have different advantages in this regard. Xuzhou Polytechnic vocational college will have a good performance in terms of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship.

in this year held the first in Jiangsu province Internet plus "College Students’ innovative entrepreneurship competition, by the Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology (hereinafter referred to as" Xuzhou Polytechnic Vocational College) 6 entries selected from thousands of teams in the "deus ex", through the layers of selection, 6 entries of all the winners, Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology also made the province the first ten, second, the province of Xuzhou Vocational College of university first achievement.

"four  " goal of educating people; "two yuan" fusion course

"4246" innovative talents training mode of "top", "four" is the goal of educating people "– let the students understand the professional, want to start, will start to work".

for the realization of "four" goal of education, Xuzhou Polytechnic vocational college first efforts in the curriculum, strengthen the teaching of professional courses in entrepreneurship education and training integration efforts, explore the "two yuan" curriculum integration. From the concept, skills, ability, psychology, the four levels of the development of college students innovation and entrepreneurship required courses 4, elective courses, 25.

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