Retailers should pay attention to the safety of the Spring Festival operation

as long as the business, there is no way to ignore the spring festival such a special business opportunities. However, the Spring Festival this hot time, but also the time to steal the major stores easily. Shop to do business, we all know that the Spring Festival is a year of sales season, because during the Spring Festival, the flow of people too much, many workers have returned home to return to the new year. But the Spring Festival is also the most unsafe time of the year. There are a lot of thieves and some boss only began to fish in troubled waters, busy business, while ignoring the security work in the store, a lot of tragedy.

2015 years of thrilling events of Tianjin port and Shenzhen landslide events, "Oriental Star" capsize incident etc.. However, out of these tragedies are affecting the hearts of our national retail households, touched our hearts. So we in the future to run their own shops at the same time, how to store the safety accident to zero? In fact, sometimes said to be easy to do a really difficult, but as long as we usually pay more attention to these still can reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, especially the Spring Festival in our shop business more goods, we have to Caution. Today we invited several retailers to talk during the Spring Festival should pay attention to what matters and share exchange.

Tanghe County of Nanyang City, Henan province

Zan Gang Xiang Liu boss

view: security facilities to be in place

my shop opened in a nearby station, where there are more floating population, usually the store to buy a variety of cigarettes are also numerous. Such as: Yellow Crane Tower (soft blue), Huang Jinye (Da Jinyuan), Taishan, China (hard), China (soft), Yellow Crane Tower (Thanksgiving 1916), Yellow Crane Tower (), etc.. It can be said the store accounted for a large part of the money my cigarette, cigarette is my shop. Therefore, when the Spring Festival comes, I also increased the amount of cigarette reserves.

recently heard near a cigarette and liquor vendor in order to meet the Spring Festival season purchased cigarettes in the shop in the store placed at night because of not care, by the hateful thief store high-end cigarette is swept, the loss of several million yuan to 10 overnight. The security measures of their too late for regrets, because did not keep up, only lead to such consequences.

in order to ensure the safety of the shop, I shop installed 4 monitoring probes, and recently the doors and windows were strengthened to prevent some thieves into the store at night to enter the theft. As a retailer, we really not easy to do business, we must make sure the nip in the bud. Only in this way can we have a safe and peaceful monkey spring festival.

Tanghe County of Henan province Ma Zhen Fu Xiang cigarettes lingshouhu cattle boss

security, for us to open a smoke Hotel retail households, have to be vigilant at all times, to achieve reasonable prevention. To enable >

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