Wary of investing in the era of targeting the elderly scam

Internet entrepreneurs bring many new concepts, O2O, P2P and so on professional words let just join the new people to hear such as foggy. There are a lot of lawless elements to use these things, in the form of bait flicker part of the elderly to invest in entrepreneurship.

in Internet business boom, a new model of new concepts and dizzying, and opportunities in the creative layer of Diego while flicker and traps are often staged. Some retired people especially easy to hit, but because they lack the ability to distinguish the Internet, contact less, and psychological factors. In fact, the elderly are not as careful as we think, they have their own judgments, but compared with the "flicker", they are afraid of being marginalized mentality prevailed. When the "olive branch" to them when they reached, it is easy to be attracted in the past, although the root of the "olive branch" is a hanging hook.

"every time new opportunities, will be a large number of millionaires! When others don’t understand, he knows what he’s doing. When others don’t understand, he understands what he is doing. When others understand, he is rich. How can you accept new things, or to see another batch of rich people, which always without you?"

"Ma Yun never said those words, micro-blog Alibaba official rumor!" Peter reminded her mother, her mother did not listen, but Peter said conservative thought, keep up with the times. The evaluation, so Peter dumbfounding: "my mother mother even Taobao will not use the Internet to stay will only open the website of TV serials, now suddenly say Ma, mouth closed O2O, it is recommended

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