China type Wangzhuan what form is the most suitable for Chinese

Internet in the beginning is very simple, may be just a few technical staff in their university to create, in order to facilitate communication between gadgets, inadvertently become to change the human way of life science and technology, and in the human population, any kind of behavior will include commercial factors, the Internet is no exception, start from that day really put into use, also entered the field of commercial network.

in the network business, may be the most close to the lives of ordinary people, is the higher, click on the ads, and answer a few questions, or even a user registration, are likely to make money, but with the continuous development of the network, a large number of traditional companies also came into contact with the network marketing and promotion, with the development of Google, ranking the bidding model is accepted by more and more enterprises, the popularity of Google adsence, can be said to be injected a booster to the domestic market wangzhuan.

Chinese is actually a very strange people, thousands of years of farming society gave people the conscientious spirit and work hard to fight, but also gives us the consciousness of small peasant and infinite creativity, Google Advertising has not come in before I remember, dear Wangzhuan elder people began to try to link the cat abroad online casinos and advertising, left hand, right hand holding the mouse to dictionary, the first step China Wangzhuan, and at that time, due to the limitation of network and people’s consciousness is not open, a lot of little cheating.


in 2000, the construction of infrastructure and vigorously promote the network, home network environment for a good picture, it is a lot of Wangzhuan groups and will do on the station station make advertising, also do not stand around looking for information, registration of the alliance, viral promotion then the full network DHC, induced registration screen full of non-stop bombs sent QQ liang. Even the Google company in China, also surprised to find that a completely do not stand people by cheating methods, even monthly income of nearly thousand dollars.

slowly formed Chinese type Wangzhuan: one side is the user crazy cheating, while the title and buckle stop alliance. The game between the two, along with the China style through the years Wangzhuan scenery.

In fact,

network TV with a similar place, is the platform of information aggregation, rarely produce direct benefits in the network, mainly through some publicity, for service marketing, and the interaction between people, is the essence of the network. Through service to attract customers, produce benefits through service, all Wangzhuan people lack the most things, but mention Wangzhuan, everyone thought the beautiful pictures, click fraud, by sms.

yettie as the largest trading platform, at the end of 2007, can be said that when the market downturn Wangzhuan, launched its own online platform, mainly for advertisers and online groups, for advertisers, yettie with extremely low price promotion to attract.

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