Our upcoming PO O2O first unit to fall

with the local life service electricity supplier Wowo (formerly Wo Wo Group) upcoming IPO news, and during the Spring Festival by local media attention in the United States roadshow, that litters of the Groupon+eBay mode, is undervalued. After the news, not in the U.S. media Wowo IPO expected in February 25th, mistaken for delayed. It is understood that the United States listed process professionals said that this date is only the first time the media inferred the first possible listing time, has not been officially confirmed, not authoritative. Domestic firms listed in the U. S., from submission to the listing process is short for more than a month, a few months, such as Jingdong, Ali, are 4-5 months, time to market is the enterprise itself according to various factors make a careful decision, is not that simple. The specific time IPO, Wowo not currently confirmed, but according to sources said, Wowo listed time should be fast, "O2O first" should not be our.

first shares led the development of the industry

according to relevant agencies predict that in 2014 Ali, Jingdong and other Internet giants listed, in 2015 the size of the financing will be significantly less than last year’s stock financing.

in the part of observers, the most hope listed should be BAT the palmar branch of the U.S. group and the public comment, the independent development of litters in early 2015 and will be submitted to the IPO prospectus, won the "O2O first" of the title, a surprise.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center, senior analyst, network retail director Mo Daiqing said that the United States mission, the public and glutinous backed BAT, strong. Wowo after the listing, can lay the foundation for the future competition in the market, but because the BAT living in the local area of the layout of O2O, after the listing, the short term litters have great influence on the pattern of the market will not.

Mo Daiqing also pointed out that the success of the IPO will boost the development of the electricity supplier Wowo segments. Our successful listing of life service providers on the market of overseas capital market positive, optimistic about its future growth space. Our launch to points, to pull the effect on the whole industry. In addition to foreign capital in addition to see Ali, Jingdong and other integrated electricity supplier, you can tap more potential segments of China’s electricity supplier business.

Groupon+eBay mode

Wowo disclosed in the prospectus update file, will issue 6 million shares of ADS (American Depositary Shares), the issue price range of $9-11 in temporary financing plan, between 54 million -6600 million. So, the outside world based on projections, our valuation of around $300 million. However, one of the world’s largest stock market analysis and opinion of the U.S. financial website Seeking Alpha commented that in recent days, Wowo is the pattern of the Groupon+eBay, compared to Groupon, Wowo is at the early stage of development, its value has been seriously underestimated.

article pointed out that a similar Groupon by Wowo discounts and preferential.

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