Jingdong revealed 8 billion 700 million yuan in cash on the account is expected to sell 47 billion

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong



technology news August 15th morning news, Jingdong mall communication meeting, the price war yesterday launched the communication with the media, said the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong at the meeting, the Jingdong account currently has 8 billion 700 million yuan in cash, expected annual sales this year (excluding tax) 47 billion yuan.

Liu Qiangdong today revealed that Jingdong mall in the first half sales of more than 104%, which is expected this year, the platform transaction tax will reach 63 billion yuan, if the removal of the tax will be around $47 billion. It also revealed that this year’s annual sales will reach about 7 billion yuan Jingdong electricity.

has been outside the Jingdong’s cash flow situation has been questioned, Liu Qiangdong said today that Jingdong currently has 8 billion 700 million yuan above cash.

today, according to the "South China Morning Post" reported that informed sources, the long-awaited was forced to postpone the listing plan, the Jingdong is trying to store more than $1 billion in financing by institutional investors.

Liu Qiangdong denied this rumor, saying it did not conduct a fourth round of financing.

plans for the IPO, Liu Qiangdong reiterated the previous point of view, will begin to consider in 2013. But he stressed that the price war will be finished, and then IPO. (Cui Xi)

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