Taobao wins key understand what they are selling

in recent years, relying on Taobao off the electricity supplier tide can be described as fast, large practice such as; small practices such as a variety of Taobao Adsense guest website. However, as more and more people do guest, coupled with Baidu’s recent series of actions, Amoy owners living space more narrow. Many people think that the outlook is bleak, but I think: with electricity market expansion, Taobao users and transaction volume increased year by year, Taobao passenger market will be more prosperous, and the webmaster to win the key to understand exactly what to sell in their own



understand what he is selling

because someone is making money selling products, but also some people make money by selling services, Taobao customer first, webmaster will make clear, what are you selling what? In short: what makes the user through you here to shopping


a, sell service

If you

what resources are not, but you have a service heart, then you can choose to do shopping rebate shopping service station, to provide some new buyers through QQ or YY tools to guide him to better select cheap goods, although this process seems monotonous, but the conversion rate is very the two or three line of the city, and not many people use Taobao shopping, get a good shopping experience these people here for you, three times the second times, you will find.

two, selling content has now as early as just development, shop less, commodity type single, now Taobao, just point to open a classification, there are all kinds of different styles, the price of the goods, allowing users to have more choices at the same time, but also inevitably fell into the selection problem: This is very good, the well; which shop is normal; which dress is suitable for me… And other problems and so on… To dress as an example, Taobao merchandise is mostly a single product, if you through the combination, the clothes and trousers collocation, that your web site has a unique content, you sell is no longer a simple product, but a set of shopping plan, not only sell clothes at the same time can sell a pair of trousers that will allow the user to remember you, this is your value.

three, selling platform


shop on selling goods or services here, Taobao is a platform to do a Taobao estimates are unlikely, but we can do different operations, vertical industry guide platform, as it is now more popular mother network, beauty said, is the female vertical field guide platform at present, the field began to dabble in company delicacy, but 360 for many industries, we choose to cut the field very much, entrepreneurs should grasp this opportunity.

knew what they were selling, everything becomes simple, the way to choose a path, click into place, find the direction, insist on doing it, I believe.

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