Ali heavy regulation of Taobao Business Bribery permanently shutting down 26 stores


technology news March 25th morning news, Alibaba group announced yesterday, some businesses to violate the integrity of the operating principle, hoping to seek illegitimate interests through the "unspoken rule", trying to give gifts to send cash related parties or offer other benefits, attempt to 2 (collectively referred to as Taobao Department staff) bribery, such acts have been constitute unfair profit, according to the rules of permanent closure of 26 stores.

announced that the Alibaba has to Ali employee misconduct in all cases involving serious treatment, at the same time again, do not believe that the so-called "exclusive agent" and "insiders" claim and deception, currently found many similar fraud cases, Ali has been in conjunction with the public security organs to trace and detect such cases.

penalty notice (open letter) full text

you merchants, all ecological co creators:

Sunshine, air and water to

as a healthy ecosystem that we all recognized: only an honest, transparent, open and fair environment, to the healthy development of the entire electricity supplier really protect the ecological system, promote the benign interaction of all participants in the ecological, so as to realize the platform and businesses symbiosis common prosperity.

because we are convinced that this is the basis for sustainable development of ecological. We also believe that, in the face of the many big projects are all in all to create ecological roles among the business platform is not and should not become the protagonist.

is based on this understanding, we respect every business integrity, hard business, and sincerely thank you for the trust of Alibaba, this platform, there is no so-called "shortcut" and "unspoken rule", honesty is the only path to tomorrow.

The Alibaba

membership rules specified: membership by improper means to seek benefits, such as the Alibaba staff and (or) the related party provides property, consumption, hospitality or business opportunities; or by other means to seek illegitimate interests, no matter whether the benefit will be to provide or not accept any products or services provided. In violation of state regulations, will be handed over to industry and commerce, public security and other law enforcement agencies.

sorry and sad, in the rules so clearly and repeatedly stressed, there are still some businesses in violation of the principle of honesty, hope that through the "unspoken rule" and even criminal means to seek illegitimate interests, activities for profit, trying to give a second or two related parties to send gifts or other benefits, in an attempt to give cash the second to bribery…… Such behavior constitutes unfair profit, serious has touched the bottom line of the law, in accordance with the rules were permanently closed shop at the same time, we also have to! Ali staff violations in all cases involving serious treatment of


we must say that in the e-commerce ecological system, the integrity of the building is not only a test of Ali, who is also the numerous network era’s face "

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