Creative marketing and network marketing combined flow over one million

1, domain super important

whether the TV ads or newspaper news or advertising, or below to talk about the other line under the situation, the most important is to highlight the company web site, this is necessary for the domain name short enough, you can remember. And it is best not to produce any objection, the domain name and the company name or product name of a high degree of unity, such as the domain name is the name of the company’s Pinyin, or English abbreviation.

such as, this domain name in the TV ads, or talk on the phone with a friend in the process, repeated one to two times, the user can remember, and spelling is very unlikely.

has some Chinese website domain name is used English company name, or Chinese Pinyin abbreviations, at this time the user may have some doubts, think of the domain name itself has no inherent obvious relationship with the company. Two words up to three words of the company name, and in the form of Pinyin domain name shows superiority.

we have seen some TV commercials at the end of the time to read out a long phone call. Until then take notes down, or how many users really can remember with the company name and brand name are not necessarily linked to a random number? In network marketing is more important today, whether the enterprise can consider the use of domain name instead of phone: " for details, log on to ".

2, highlight and properly repeat company name, product name and slogan

survey shows that users affected by offline marketing came online search, mostly in the name of the company or product name as keywords search. For some not very famous brand, if there is a slogan that make the finishing point of advertising, this slogan also often become the search keywords.

this should be easier to do in modern advertising. Because even without considering the organic combination of network marketing, all advertisers are clear, concise and powerful slogan, as well as highlighting the company name, brand name, product name, brand building has important significance. Offline advertising usually does not directly generate sales, can not carry too much information, to do is to allow users to remember the name.

omnipresent, Jianfengchazhen

Good marketing

line can be everywhere, Jianfengchazhen, doesn’t have to be a form of advertising.

in your life around to look around, what is your name on it? Ballpoint pens, envelopes, letterheads, fax, corporate gifts, cakes boxes, packaging bags, plastic bags, notebooks, cups, body, mouse pad, calendar, key chains, leaflets, balloons, message board etc.. In short, everything can be put on the text of the place, why not put your URL?

There are some small gifts

some company’s annual budget, in these gifts printed on site, does not increase the cost of what, why not India? >

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