Another giant is about to enter the board Baidu lottery renamed Baidu sports and seek split financin

text / Tencent technology Li Ruchao

sports industry is still heating up, the next Internet Co is likely to enter the Baidu.

Tencent science and technology learned from a number of sources, Baidu has quietly established Baidu sports. It is understood that the development of Baidu sports lottery from Baidu, Baidu lottery head Li Huan served as CEO. At the same time, Baidu sports has been in contact with a number of companies and institutions to seek external financing.

if the news is true, coupled with the already Tencent, Ali, BAT has entered the sports industry. However, the development of the lottery business to Baidu sports, whether it is Baidu’s future strategy, or just play, remains to be seen.

quietly layout

Baidu lottery operating entity for Beijing music and color technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "music and color technology"), according to business information, music and color technology was founded in 2010, business scope includes sales of sports products, to provide Internet information service business, on 2014 formally incorporated into Baidu.

Baidu lottery currently has two major shareholders: Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd and natural shareholders Li Huan. The Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Baidu company, have a web search, hao123, Baidu promotion and so on several lines of business; Li Huan is the music and color technology CEO, while Baidu is also responsible for the actual lottery.


needs to be emphasized is that, although Li Huan as a shareholder of music and color technology, but in the previous press release on Baidu lottery, are said to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Baidu music and color technology.

a sports insider told Tencent technology, after the spin off Baidu sports will expand the scope of business, but for the time being may still be dominated by lottery business. In the mode of operation, Baidu sports continuation of Baidu’s aircraft carrier program, Baidu holding, another part of the shares will be used to attract outside capital.

at the same time, the former head of Baidu lottery Li Huan will continue to serve as Baidu sports CEO. It is understood that Li Huan has been in contact with a number of institutions and enterprises, planning financing matters.

but on specific shares to sell shares and contact, yet to obtain further information technology Tencent.

how to pack?

in the specific business, in addition to the lottery business, Baidu sports may have enough of its football packed.

it is understood that in May this year, Baidu sports and digital media group Perform partnership, Perform’s football digital media brand Goal joint venture with Baidu Baidu enough football, Perform’s sports data provider Opta provides data for its content.

according to public information, Goal has more than 5> in the world

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