n twenty first Century the world economy becomes more and more commercialized

in twenty-first Century the world economy e-commerce intensified, through the simulation of search engine for keywords ranking algorithm, the website structure and external factors to optimize the maximum, and then get the ranking, so the customer demand to see the website of the product through the search, will take the initiative to contact, of course, from the point of view, this is just a level on the Internet passive marketing.

many business leaders familiar with the network marketing is not enough, we feel that this line is a lie, here on the analysis of this person, a part is not responsible for some of the Internet companies to cheat, commitment to how the effect of those companies also did not have the the strength to do, take the customer money not to engage in business customers; as well as part of their network of familiar little’ll explain how they will not believe that there is a good example to illustrate these, when Alibaba started Ma Yun told one of his friends said, please your goods to online, the friend did not bother him, after 2 years, Ma Yun has found his friend, asked him to move to the Internet to sell goods, the friend still did not bother him, 3 years later, that he Friends take the initiative to find Ma said: why not tell me the Internet marketing".

Oh, when those companies are aware of the time has lagged behind a lot. I have come to the point, the website optimization is good, better than 5-6 sales performance, you think sales changed from so easily. If you do Baidu promotion that cost is how expensive ah, if let us help you to optimize your site, the cost will be much less than the Baidu promotion.

we all know whether the website you do how good, how beautiful the design not to browse your site is useless. If you choose the server space is rubbish, the problem bursts, then congratulations, your site has now crammed into a "dead" list of recommended you a good network company – 100 network here (www.wh100idc.com) their company is from a small studio SEO do now, when the studio is only 2 people, after 2 years of development in construction site to SEO virtual host today’s IDC network integration network, virtual space is the most suitable for them for the website optimization, website optimization because they are also born, will play to the refining of virtual space. Your website to choose their space to really play the effect. Here I wish you website traffic explosion, IP in


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