Learn how to make money with the night market beggars

many people want to make money and earn more money. However, everyone knows that money is not so easy to earn, sometimes hard but also can earn money. Why, because money is a learning, not just a physical activity. Today, we share a night market beggar money for the story, I hope that through the story of beggars money, to understand what is needed to make money.

do not know when, from the night market more and more beggars, whether it is the elderly, young people, or disabled, or what the problem is not, all kinds of people have. Before the beggar to all the rice, but now, beggars learn the essence, not rice, as long as the money. One yuan, two yuan, The more, the better. However, not a dime. Do not look down on beggars, they also know that good money.

night market so many beggars, we used to eat at the time, see some beggars almost will give money. Because they look pathetic, give some money to let them go. Some see them around annoying, give money away. Which know these people give money to addiction, will soon have the money these days to ask you for money, they don’t remember you give them money. And one night there will be dozens of money begging. Is it all right? I really can not afford to hurt, and since then, who do not give a penny.


are beggars, but most of the money is not the same way, some can get money, some money. For the money, in fact we think that as long as the thick skinned, put it under the dignity. But is it really the case? Below, Shao Lianhu blog for you to analyze these beggars money.

the first kind, the ordinary beggar

these beggars money is really very common, to see people, call sister, Miss give money. Others gave it away, not to wait for a while to leave. Some will be called handsome, beautiful. I did not expect it, now beggars are known to call others handsome, beautiful, and this is the trend of social development. These people a day’s income should also okay, after all, still a lot more, but one or two dollars is not what.

Second kinds of

, good at observing beggars

a few days ago, my wife and I were eating in the small square. When a beggar came by, I thought we’d have to ask for money. Which know that people directly from our side, and don’t ask us. I was thinking, do we look so poor, and then he went to a nest of people to ask for money, and someone gave. In fact, such people do not want to waste money really can not give money to the people who, he will find some people, the people can feel the money, but also rich people.


type beggar blandishments

this beggar is really would say, always looking for something to make you very much, and not offensive words. Such as lovers together, wish them happiness forever, and said of a couple, some will sing to you.

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