Baidu responded 360 prosecution let China’s nternet industry as a whole image of shame

A5 station network November 27th news, Baidu today in the hospital accepted Qihoo v. Baidu unfair competition case, to respond, said its response in violation of the international Robots Qihoo 360 long-term agreement forcibly grab Baidu snapshot, a serious infringement of the interests of Baidu, hope not to indulge in the 360 Day War inextricably bogged down in slobber. Also let the Chinese Internet industry in the international image of the overall image of shame.

The following is the full text of the


international Qihoo 360 long-term violation of Robots protocol forcibly grab Baidu snapshot content, not only seriously infringed the interests of Baidu, causing great harm to user privacy, let China Internet industry overall image in the international peer shame. Baidu sued 360 cases in October this year, Beijing has been a court hearing, I believe the law will soon have a fair sentence!

The Baidu

Qihoo 360 with counterclaim to divert attention, to cover 360, Baidu search forcibly grab plagiarism content, a violation of the Robots agreement and to reveal the truth to the privacy of Internet users, doomed to failure. Internet privacy greater than days. Baidu hopes Qihoo 360 attaches great importance to much media questioned peeping privacy problem, instead of indulging in slobber war inextricably bogged down in all day. Baidu also solemnly request: please Qihoo 360 immediately stop plagiarism against Baidu, stop violation of user privacy for

!The ancients cloud

, Yizhiyishen, again? Qihoo 360 previously because of unfair competition suffered 13 defeats, the 360 because of plagiarism and not malicious Baidu sued Baidu, is destined to become a major driving judicial circle and IT circle. Baidu called on the government and the judiciary to intensify efforts to safeguard the interests of Internet users and order.

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