Research and analysis of website optimization and user experience


optimization, if a few years ago it was only that "content is king, the chain is king", now in the optimization we mentioned the most is the user experience, when the role of the chain is very little, the user experience has become an important standard to determine the quality of the Baidu website, to know the user is the key factor in the decision the website development and so on the user experience details of how we do it here? Let’s take a look at the following questions.

website home page and landing page which is more important?

most people think home is very important, because they believe that most users will arrive first website, so in the design of a web page on the trouble, do you realize that the user is likely to go through your content page or column page to the


, according to a study, more and more traffic from search engines rather than home, therefore, will be more attention from the front page to the landing page will bring higher conversion rate for your website, also can get more opportunities for users to retain and transform themselves.

in web design, do you take into account the user’s browsing habits?

here mainly refers to the browsing habits of reading habits, we can find that most of the website design will be an important content on the left side of the page position, to have grown accustomed to "from left to right reading pattern, this approach is undoubtedly the best, according to a research report shows that the visual tracking browse, on the left side of the" main focus "is about 69% of the total viewing time.

in website design, should give full consideration to the cultural environment for most users, from left to right reading people, should be the site the emphasis placed on the left, and vice versa.

website text content is easy to read?

believes that the network in addition to e-books, no users will really love reading online, in an Internet analysis report pointed out that the user can only read page 28% of the text, and the data also with the increase of total text on a page and further reduce.

therefore, the website added content, should be easier for users to read, whether marked focus or even paragraphs set the directory, should focus on allowing users to use the most simple way to understand the content.

site error page can be transformed again?

if you just look at the site of direction, and do not pay attention to the details of the perfect, then you will lose more potential users, if a 404 error page for a polite guide or help information, I believe that the site’s jump out rate will be greatly reduced. "We are very sorry, after you click the information when the error is below you may interested in similar information, click View" such information can not only guide the user out of the dead links, but also enhance the user of the site

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