After 80 when hackers monopoly online game advertising agency open luxury car Villa

A group of

only junior high school culture, self proclaimed "Knight" 80 has a big name in the legendary industry. They are hundreds of thousands of daily income, driving Martha Lahti, Bentley and other luxury cars, live in the villa, tens of millions of investment office…… Where did they come from?

this morning, the Safety Supervision Corps of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network said, known as the "19 members of Knight attack group" has been captured by the police, they "hackers" attack technology Legend PW website website monopoly advertising agency, so as to extract high advertising agency fees, involving more than 70 million yuan.

hacker attack website monopoly advertising agency

business legend games PW makers may have heard of "Knight", they said, as long as the "Knight" targeted, it can only obediently surrender advertising agency, as they slaughtered". Therefore, people in the industry call them "Knights attack group".

According to the

network monitoring Corps investigators, with the main target of attack, Cai Hu led "Knight group", is the legendary advertising station. They use the "hacker" technology to implement network attacks, forcing the station to release the station Adsense advertising agency authority and the knight group management. If you do not pay, "the group" will be through the network attack or collusion core staff room directly off the net to threats, so as to achieve the extraction of high advertising agency fees, from profiteering purpose.

a group of 80 days to earn hundreds of thousands of open luxury car to live in villa

it is understood that the "knight team principal" Cai years only 26 years old, after graduating from high school, began to engage in advertising agency, because once the network attacks, rob PW advertising agency, advertising prices down PW repeatedly by the provincial and municipal public security organs in the fight, but every time because of insufficient evidence to escape.

in early 2009, Cai came to Chongqing, met the management of the network server humou. Two people began to operate a joint venture advertising business, has launched a legendary advertising station, and a large number of sites on the web.

in August of the same year, "Knight group" by the Anhui lease data China 200 servers, take the network attack other PW proxy site and other means, made the game advertising Legend PW PW release station the size of the national total advertising agency, a monopoly in the industry.

"they have one hundred thousand of the day’s income, and all the members of the group are millionaires." According to police investigators, in recent years, the knight group illegal profits have exceeded 70 million. At present, the police have seized and freeze the assets of about 50000000 yuan, including Porsche, Bentley, Maserati Cayenne off-road and other luxury cars, as well as 09 year spent 5 million 400 thousand transactions worth tens of millions of villas, many office buildings.

at present, the 19 suspects involved in the prosecution has been prosecuted, the Lord

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