New thinking of traditional industry heavyweights

now this era, no Internet thinking is certainly not good. But think that the Internet is everything, can replace everything, this thinking is certainly wrong. Even the Internet era has to do manufacturing, only the business of all aspects of doing a good job, do fine, the enterprise can finally win.

Mengniu President Sun Yiping:

reform is to do articles on their own

2014, the change is going to continue, because the world has changed, the market determines your survival, all companies rely on their own, to do the reform in their own articles. The Internet has changed, brand marketing can no longer be the trend of opponents; opponents changed, not only from Hohhot, but from the world.

in 2014 our theme word is called IPO:I (Innovation), disruptive innovation; P (Performance), manage benefit; O (Open and transparency), sunshine heart communication.

innovation can focus on marketing innovation, system innovation, product innovation in three areas.

Three key words

marketing is called "pain point, cross and blank, you need the ultimate expression of the brand" pain points ", as well as a selling point to convey timely the art of thinking; need to give the brand inspiration" crossover ", become the temperament of the brand; to" blank ", in the process of marketing to consumers how to leave space allow them to create more interaction with the brand lenovo……

system innovation, we need to focus on O2O – online and offline interaction. I used to write a letter to you in early 2013, called "embrace the micro era", and now we have to be ready to embrace O2O".

product innovation, some time ago, I met in Japan, found that the international company is not only doing the product, but to rediscover the value of milk, milk through the scientific and technological means to create better products. I hope the future of our research and development efforts in this direction – to rediscover the value of milk, to seize the fourth quadrant.

miss a trend, is to miss an era. Inherent advantages, thinking and interests will hinder change, must be changed by action, there must be some disruptive innovation. Management efficiency, we should give our partners to set up annual innovation awards, awards annual earnings, everyone wants to do through the efficiency of management, I will also make the best case many partners share out, to see who is the winner.

2014, we want to be "sincere, tell the truth, do practical things, create the future". Reform is to do in their own articles, "2014, Let’s IPO!"

Yili Group CEO Zhang Jianqiu:

globalization is the purpose of resource procurement

2013 is a year of Chinese dairy in the thick and heavy in colours, "dairy deal" and "integration".

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