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  March 18th morning news, CCTV "3 – 15" in action column yesterday exposed the existence of chaos such as the group purchase website, audit group purchase enterprise qualification, providing false goods, can not guarantee the quality of the group purchase goods, the U.S. group net, handle network and full network are on the list.

reporter survey: buy site secret

media source: CCTV 3· 15 in action

according to the report, by the end of 2010, the domestic group purchase website has reached more than 1 thousand and 726, the average daily birth of 5.7 group purchase website, the explosive growth of the group purchase website has exposed a series of problems, integrity of group purchase website has risen to a considerable extent, since the third quarter of 2010, 315 consumer complaints network group purchase complaints received a total of more than and 800 cases, the current is still increasing.

according to CCTV "3 – 15" program in action report, a consumer group purchase online in the United States a relatively cheap strawberry project, but the consumer to the strawberry picking garden, the scene is a mess, basically has no strawberry picking, then consumers call the U.S. mission service, hope to be able to refund however, the U.S. group customer service said, consumers have to buy no refunds, no consumers should contact the strawberry picking garden, is their problem.

In addition to the

project group purchase service, CCTV also of false goods problems existing exposure group purchase website, a consumer in full online group purchase of a contact lens, the original 276 yuan price as long as 55 yuan, when the consumers in the glasses official website for serial number query, how also can not find sequence No. the glasses, that there is not authentic, the consumer said: "because many people have seen the purchase, did not expect not genuine."

Seafood buffet restaurant operators identity and

handle the next CCTV financial reporter posing as a new business to discuss cooperation.

CCTV financial reporter, said the restaurant has not yet applied for part of the business qualification. Handle a senior manager of the network is recommended, you can easily find a substitute for other companies. In addition, the manager also said that as long as the enterprises recognized, can handle network virtual standard has purchased a number; Party B agreed to an additional equivalent to the actual number of imaginary number, modify the group purchase.

at the same time, if the merchant does not provide invoices, handle network that can help solve, you can mark the site does not provide invoices, the current number of buy site does not provide invoices.

consumer protection experts Qiu Baochang lawyer said, buy site to participate in the business does not review the qualification is to deceive consumers, and the group >

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