Group purchase website or group purchase website now closures beware of small absconding

in the second half of this year to the first half of next year, if the money burn group purchase website, there is only one choice, absconded." U.S. mission network head Wang Huiwen said. "The second half of this year there will be 90% of the group purchase site closures, group purchase website will face a bloody battle." Industry forecast. Only a short while ago, group purchase website suddenly blossom everywhere, into the lives of the people, even many of the tour to the non clique Huan point; however, from the end of last year, many sites began to decline and even collapse of group purchase. Even so, the new network group purchase is still crazy, what is the reason for the so-called investment come? A lot of money in the background of group purchase prepaid and for venture capital financing and listing is to lure, this is where the danger lies.

A buy site army nightmare

now, layoffs, restructuring, bankruptcy of the shadow, such as a dark cloud over the group buying. In the second half, the online shopping market will be bloody, a wide range of reshuffle inevitable." Qingdao youth group CEO Wang Nan said heavily.

"once booming" clam La mission ", disappeared a long time ago. Buy a lot of dead website, and some even the name is not." Wang Nan said, "the second half of last year, signs began to appear, at the time, a lot of group purchase website profit margins are compressed by about 40%; the first half of this year, the obvious inflection point, some small group purchase website closed down one after another; this year, more and more websites as group purchase and clams, but almost every ten a proportion will disappear."

this situation not only in Qingdao, the situation is more serious nationwide. Statistics show that from September last year, Wuhan has more than a dozen group purchase site closures, and survive in the enterprise there are many began to tighten their belts.

recently, Gaopeng, happy group, Wo Wo Group and other well-known sites have begun layoffs. According to the happy network group purchase staff, like Nanjing, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu and other 12 city sites closed one after another, dissolution of the employees, the scale of attrition might have up to more than and 100 people.

In addition to

closures and layoffs, a way of transformation as well as the majority of group purchase website, according to Wang Nan, the current youth smoke like transition city online mall, 10% of the space from the local flagship reach speed, to look at the goods etc..

Wo Wo Group chairman and CEO Xu Maodong believes that by the end of this year, there will be more than 90% of the group purchase site closures, "this year, whether it is agency or industry, have started mouthing group purchase industry. According to iResearch statistics, the top ten large group purchase site covering 60% users, is expected by the end of 2011, the group purchase website will be less than 5, 90% of the small and medium-sized stations will be doomed".


fought crazy group purchase website

"whether you believe it or not, the group buying website has come to an end."

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