Stationmaster net broadcast room indecent video involving the detention of 4 people to the nternet

1 Beijing room indecent video involved 4 people were detained from 19 year old  


the evening of July 14th, a pair of young men and women for sexual behavior in the dressing room indecent video circulated on the Internet, then the police involved in the investigation of Beijing. Last night, the Beijing Public Security Bureau announced that indecent video was taken in mid April, there are 4 people involved in the dissemination of pornographic videos were detained.

police informed that, in July 15th, received indecent video report investigation. After investigation, the two parties in the pornographic video in mid April in the dressing room sex and shooting video using a mobile phone, after the video out pass to friends and be uploaded to the internet.

informed that the police have sun Moumou (male, 19 years old, Heilongjiang City, Qigihar) and others control. Moumou will upload pornographic videos suspected of spreading pornographic material micro-blog criminal detention according to law, the other 3 were due to the dissemination of obscene information was administrative detention according to law. Two parties in the video, the police are further processed.

2 Internet banking with the basic law net loan platform will enter the shuffle period  

has been brewing for a long time the Internet financial guidance in time and again yesterday finally available. Yesterday, the people’s Bank of Chinese, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, Chinese Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission and the state Internet Information Office jointly issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the healthy development of Internet banking" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions" "), the first clear the boundaries of Internet banking, business rules and regulatory responsibility.

3 product operation: APP before the line, how to do the work of promotion?  

a competing product analysis

1 select competing products, good positioning (select the best of the two products, up to three)

how to get competitive product?

A Baidu search keywords similar products, if your product is a tourist class APP share, you can enter the main keywords "app", the general tourism ranked in the front row, Baidu for promotion in front of the products are competing products.

B major mobile application market keywords search, such as 91 application market, application treasure, pea pods, etc..

The website

C industry to find the latest information, such as APP, you can go to the professional travel information network, such as Showtime travel, Eyefortravel, and other related information search giants APP.

4 repeated mistakes of the 24 year old guy, but even Ma, Ma Huateng are afraid to miss  

, a 24 year old man who has made several mistakes, can lead a "after reading"

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