Ma Yun also helpless who should pay for online shopping integrity

May 17th first network business fair, Ma Yun in the face of the problem of fake has been much criticized, Ma Yun is the first to admit that Taobao itself is not fraud, counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods and the existence of Taobao ", but he then only to Taobao on the fake seller issued a warning:" someday, someone will take the list to tell you how much do you sell fakes, you run away. To sell counterfeit goods not up to Taobao, because of the reprisals".

Although Ma Yun was condemned

filled with righteous indignation won a round of applause, but it is clear that Ma Yun’s warning is a helpless, a ring on the issue of integrity of online shopping network marketing is the most important activity in it is lack of confidence, if only in the hope of "autumn, what time is after." "autumn" is a big problem. I am afraid that the time to leave a consumer or the ultimate false online shopping victims is a look, perhaps a period of waiting.

"do not sell counterfeit goods to Taobao, is also quite a few Untouchables also hide not feeling. So, facing the credibility of the Network Marketing MA, also said to have enough power to eradicate ills. I don’t believe that Ma Yun is not only a technology NetEase, the day of the survey, surveyed nearly 40 thousand Internet users, more than 70% of the people think that Taobao can not solve the problem of fake, because the reality is cruel, not Ma Yun’s to pay for credit problems in network marketing.

Although Taobao in the near future,

heard in the fight against piracy is not integrity, have a series of initiatives, what machines and artificial, such as a 4% page report, the merchant participated in the "lost three" service, but this huge group relative to the platform, but also a drop in the bucket, not worth mentioning.

network marketing is the enterprise use the Internet to carry out marketing activities. Since the network marketing enterprise or the original enterprise cannot eliminate the dragons and fishes jumbled together, fake and counterfeit goods on the Internet in the raging. Whether it is the current traditional marketing, or TV shopping worth mentioning, the transaction process is not good faith problems emerge. Even worse, when the TV shopping has almost become synonymous with the sale of fake and shoddy products, more TV stations will be interpreted as a TV shopping in full swing. The reason is obvious, the fake and counterfeit goods make the profits of selling fake goods rush into danger. At the same time, the television station because of the huge price of TV shopping also makes it a blind eye.

to build a network of marketing integrity of the world, the network marketing service provider’s supervision is to ensure that, such as Ma Yun’s warning and Taobao’s positive, but more importantly, the production and sale of corporate self-regulation is fundamental. Only the fake and shoddy products disappeared, did not appear fake image, consumers will not have cheated one. Of course, since is Peace reigns over the land. The idealist dream. Specifically, selling fake goods and businesses are ultimately their victims, hatred, people cry, fate can only be nowhere to hide, suicidal.

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