Dangdang Gome cooperation shop 3 months on the line short term hard to change the pattern of the ele

industry has long been rumored dangdang.com and Gome online mall alliance event was finally settled. March 1st, Gome online mall in the mail sent to the newspaper said in an alliance with the United States online store dangdang.com event has made substantial progress, Gome online mall CEO Han Depeng and dangdang.com President Li Guoqing (micro-blog) has been confirmed the news. According to Dangdang senior public relations director Kwak to the investor news reporter revealed that the United States and the United States to cooperate with the new appliance city should be in the first half of March can be on-line".

in fact, this is only one of this year’s Dangdang open cooperation platform B2C platform. It is understood that Dangdang this year will be large-scale and 3C, clothing, wine, food and other vertical B2C website cooperation, in order to quickly enrich the Dangdang category of goods. Sales of footwear as the main feature of the B2C site music Amoy, this week will be stationed dangdang. And in cooperation with the United States online store finalized, it marks the highlight of store dangdang.com street model successfully staged.

these actions show that Dangdang accelerate the expansion of the speed of large-scale integrated business platform. Many industry insiders said in an interview, now is the major electricity supplier to seize the largest market share, the key period of the impact of sales, dangdang.com and vertical electricity supplier cooperation, will enable the dangdang.com sales to enhance the quality of. With its rich variety of goods, Dangdang and Jingdong, Tmall (micro-blog) and other competition will be intensified, but the short term will not change the current electricity supplier competition pattern.

loss serious alliance vertical electricity supplier

"Dangdang shopping or business activities is an important measure to promote the development of the 2012, has added a large number of well-known companies such as Lok, dream bazaar, Dangdang to enrich the product line." Dangdang.com chairman Yu Yu recently in the earnings conference call is that.

Dangdang has done before the open platform, and now is to further expand the platform to quickly enrich the variety of goods, so that users have more choices. This is a very big thing for us this year." Dangdang senior public relations director Guo He told this reporter said.

according to Guo He introduction, Dangdang’s open platform has two main categories: one is its own brand, such as Lenovo, which has an official flagship store dangdang. The second category is the vertical class dealers, including electricity providers, such as shoes bag, 3C, wine, clothing. Dangdang is called the store street mode, that is, with the vertical class electricity supplier cooperation, this year will be carried out in large areas".

and Yu Yu had previously said: "we invite them to join Dangdang street store. We see that some B2C companies and retailers have a richer knowledge of sourcing than Dangdang, and they can supply products to customers. Therefore, whether it is electrical appliances, red wine, as long as they are good B2C, affordable, Dangdang will invite them to join our store street."

, according to Guo He introduction, Dangdang and vertical class electricity supplier cooperation, mainly divided into sales. Dangdang’s current partner is divided into

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