Guide the site to a higher level through the rationalization of transactions

along with the Internet development, this year’s Taobao 11 festival also hit the transaction, but in turn, we observed small owners, most sites in trading is not active, the reason we will find many websites lack a transaction thinking, transaction mode and transaction channel, and as a site to be able to produce real profit, so it must allow the transaction to become profitable central site, make your site profitable through the Everfount transaction, so small webmaster friends should be how to do


first webmaster friends must understand the basic rules of the market, our website with what to profit profit, where is the root of the site, at what point can let the user feel the site of sincerity, a few days before the Alibaba issued a notice, from January 1, 2013 onwards, the rebate is not in a cash rebate mode and through the deep thinking, we can see the root of this is not difficult to notice is that some people use the rebate money in the form of some irregularities. We can see from the website of our own to make a profit, so we can not to rely on others, for example, now many Taobao customers, if which day Taobao sent an announcement that Taobao customers can not cash return the Commission, how would you do? So webmaster friends must understand the basic law of the market. What our website can be profitable, where profit sources from, this is the webmaster friends must understand.


webmaster friends must also have a detailed plan for my site transactions, now whether you are in reality to start a business or a website on the Internet, they cannot do without a good planning, quality planning can help the site to get good development, and the website wants to profit is the same. Must be on the website of the transaction has a comprehensive planning, the author thinks that do website transaction planning can be from the following points:

1, establish the core value of the site transactions, such as you are a local website, then your website transaction value is nothing more than popular _+ advertising.

2, the establishment of the specific model of the transaction site, and now the site can be traded online and offline under the combination of the two ways, the most critical is to master the process of combining the two degrees.

3, the establishment of the transaction interval, that is, to achieve a site where the transaction is to learn how to change the transaction model or transaction value, which is to ensure that the site has a steady stream of transactions.


webmaster friends after the detailed planning of the transaction, we can begin the final step, the establishment and perfection of the trading channel, now many large web site owners have opened Alipay payment function, online banking online payment function, but for small and medium-sized webmaster opened the two functions may be too troublesome, so I suggest that we can trade through the QQ connection, the security mode, the completion of the transaction, A5 now secured transactions is very good, to Shun trading methods, transaction security in A5 > Gold

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