Ali CEO Zhang Yong burn investors do not have the scale of money in the future


with the investor’s money, with a circle of money, money and buy turnover, buy the user, this business is not established, there is no future."

  April 27th morning news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong recently attended the investment forum that the business reconstruction of various industries with the Internet technology and thinking, it is a huge investment opportunity. But he stressed that everyone will burn money, money will burn, the core is to complete the business reconstruction, who has completed the reorganization of goods and services, bring to enhance the efficiency of production and supply.

over the past year, the capital market turned cold, gave birth to the scale of billions of mergers and financing Internet Co tide. O2O and electricity supplier start-up company news continues to collapse, unicorn financing cycle is getting shorter and shorter, the listing of the Internet Co to start the loan issue, the capital is evident hunger.

Zhang Yong said, he often see is that the enterprise into a certain industry, the money, money and buy generous subsidies to users. Zhang Yong pointed out: the core of this is to complete the business restructuring. Anyone with the money to do their own investors scale, burn the user’s business is not established, there is no future. Because the money will burn, others will burn, there is no threshold. The core is in the burn process, who has completed the reorganization of goods or services, who undergo chemical changes in the process of reconstruction, brought the whole production and supply efficiency, if there are specific changes will be interesting."

Zhang Yong bluntly, Internet companies have a very strong "entrance complex", who was the entrance who has the world burn can aggregate users, to seize the entrance, but things are on the other side. If there is no change in the goods and services themselves, it is difficult to bring real efficiency improvement, industrial upgrading is more impossible to talk about.

Zhang Yong stressed that the Internet 1 era to meet supply and demand, and today, the Internet is a kind of infrastructure, any only rely on to solve the symmetry information and the Internet business model will eventually disappear. He is concerned about how to use the Internet and technology, in particular industry goods organization, service organization and process reengineering. The full range of change, any company or group, seize this opportunity, this change will make the reconstruction, this industry has undergone earth shaking.

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