Online education has become a hot bubble but secretly staking blind entry

popular online education kept hidden behind the

rule Weekend reporter Cai Changchun

suddenly like a night of spring breeze, recently, the major domestic online education companies bullish all the way.

in the hottest stock market, has been trying to transition to online education service provider A shares of listed companies "full education" listed only 14 months, in March 24th, trading at 320.65 yuan, become A shares the history of the first high priced shares.

at the same time, together with the operating network, ape exam library and many other online education companies are almost to grab headlines rhythm, have focused on publishing favorable financing. Work together with the D round of financing $100 million hit the domestic K12 (International Education on the basis of the general education) online education in the field of the largest single amount of financing.

some people see the future development opportunities, some people smell the hidden behind the crisis. Correlation analysis pointed out that the influx of capital at the same time, the online education industry bubble has emerged, after the collapse of some online education companies have sounded the alarm for the industry.

capital optimistic about the influx of

in the mobile Internet analyst Wang Xinyi opinion, Xu Zhimo that "I don’t know which direction the wind is" to describe the current venture capital circles may be appropriate, before it was unusually hot online travel now few people interested, and now with no doubt has become the online education industry.

according to Analysys think tank analyst Wang Qiong introduced in 2014 Chinese internet education market reached 133 billion 400 million yuan, is expected to 2017 when the market scale will reach 286 billion 400 million yuan, the average compound growth rate of 27.7%. Data from the online education market is relatively large.

In addition, the prospects for the development of

also attracted a lot of capital and the influx of favor. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 the total investment in the field of online education has been more than 4 billion 400 million yuan.

recently, there are a number of domestic online education companies have announced the acquisition of large sums of money. In March 27th, online education company announced the completion of financial training slightly platinum Angel round of financing of nearly 10 million yuan; on the same day, work together with the network announced the completion of the D round of financing of $100 million; in March 30th, ape exam announces D round of financing of $60 million, and the CEO founder Chen Xiangdong who learn with announces A round of financing of $50 million before the New Oriental; the afternoon of March 31st, the station announced that education has been obtained by the well-known fund $GGV GGV capital and Shun Lei Jun capital led a $29 million investment……

love music CEO Pan Pengkai recently also publicly said that in 2015 online education users is expected to break billion.

in an online education organization recently discussed the activities of Internet veterans, Silicon Valley network co-founder Cai Xiaofei said: "at present, such a popular saying, China and even in the world, there are three areas.

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