Nanjing fossil network by the United Nations World nformation summit award

found that animal fossils want to identify people, as long as a photo upload fossil network, there are experts at any time pointing. Yesterday, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology fossil network working group member Wang Wei told reporters, as China’s largest science website, sponsored by the Institute and China paleontological society fossil network, already has more than 50 thousand registered members, there are hundreds of scientists interacting with fossil lovers every day. Yesterday, the fossil network held the third National Conference of fossil enthusiasts, more than 150 scientists from all over the world and the representatives of fossil enthusiasts gathered. Recently, the site has also been awarded the United Nations World Information summit award".

"please look at the horn or coral sea lilies" "this is what help to look at the fossil?"…… Open fossil network, such problems abound.

"the atmosphere here is very pure." Wang Wei said. Fossil network was founded in 2004, is a public, to understand the progress of paleontology research study of biological evolution knowledge and natural science knowledge network platform, "a lot of people here, from fossil lovers even for fossil knowledge become a semi expert absolutely ignorant of started."

these "tuzhuanjia" achievements should not be overlooked. a netizen recently in Gansu and the administrative area for the first time found fossil hunting was teething. Another netizen recently found in Shandong, such as thorn insects, this kind of animal had only appeared in the animal fauna of Yunnan, Chengjiang, will provide a new basis for scientists to study the distribution of the fauna of Chengjiang.

"It’s like

search for asteroids, astronomers have to spend a lot of energy in the past time searching for the asteroid, many astronomers involved, to search for asteroids as long as it is recognized by experts." Wang Wei, for example, scientists can get rid of transactional work, a higher level of research.

because the emphasis on interaction, expert guidance and community construction, United Nations experts "held recently in India World Summit Award" Global Award, won the "fossil net" Electronic Science Website "World Summit award". Next month, Wang Wei will make a special trip to Mexico.

"World Summit Award" is the only international organization by the United Nations Special Award for digital content, is the global Internet domain highest award, is divided into 8 areas, each area selected 5 sites, awarded the "World Summit award". In 2009, a total of more than 5 thousand sites participated in the evaluation.

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