Former heroes in the inventory of what is now ten years before the 2011 group buying industry

on Friday, Baidu announced a $160 million acquisition of glutinous rice network shares, once again aroused concern about the group buying site. In the past two years, although the industry continues to grow, but give people a more impression is the decline and collapse. In this paper, the stock market in 2011 to buy of the top ten websites to see how they are now the fate of the (ranking data from the group of 800 reports, do not take into account).

handle net


handle network was ranked first in the year, the first of its ambitious impact on the United States market, but did not catch up with the good time. At that time coincided with the concept stocks in the United States suffered a crisis of confidence, IPO and cold; in the IPO group purchase originator Groupon after the stock price plummeted. Most importantly, a rival report financial fraud, handle network in November 2011 to suspend the listing, and withdrew the IPO application in June 2012. Since then, there have been layoffs and other conditions of the network, the final exit from the founder of the management of entrepreneurship, the management of a comprehensive intervention. In the first half of this year, the market share ranked fifth, only about $10%.

U.S. mission network


U.S. group in 2011 to get Ali and other investment, the development of good, in the first half of 2013 the market share of nearly 40%, about second times two.

Wo Wo Group


also claimed that Wo Wo Group listed, but without success. The company also from time to time layoffs and other negative news. Since then the company to adopt a joint strategy, first go to the market with the Wowo joint operations, and later settled in the Jingdong,, Juhuasuan and other electricity providers. At the end of last year, Wowo claimed to have achieved profitability, the first half of the market share ranked third, is about 12%.

public comment group


in the past two years, public comment and not much news, by virtue of has advantages in resources, public comment the performance of steady growth in the first half of 2013, the share was second, about 20%.

glutinous rice net


glutinous rice network is unique in that it has been listed along with the parent company, it is easy to find its performance. In the past two years, the continuous loss of glutinous rice network, has become a burden for everyone. However, from the point of view of market share, glutinous rice network is still ranked third. On Friday, glutinous rice nets 59% stake acquired by Baidu for $160 million, or glutinous rice nets have found a good mentor.



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