Please note Baidu webmaster website authentication function integration at the beginning of the July

A5 ( July 7th afternoon stationmaster net news: webmaster, recently opened the official website of Baidu certification page? Baidu in early July will close the Baidu official website authentication platform do you know? Please refer to the specific content of the following:

respected Baidu official website users,

Hello! In order to further enhance the quality and effectiveness of Baidu to provide you with certification services, Baidu official website of the relevant functions of the certification platform will be gradually integrated into the Baidu reputation V certification platform. We will close the official entrance of Baidu’s official website in June 12, 2014. Baidu credibility V certification platform ( will provide you with a more comprehensive and thoughtful certification services, you are welcome to experience. We also remind you to close at the beginning of the July 2014 Baidu official website authentication platform (, please note the name of the site identification fraudulent use of Baidu’s official website and push the message to you.

thank you again for the support of Baidu’s official website!

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