VeryCD remove all shared resource links or to transform

recently have users found that they prefer to download sites, (VeryCD) eD2k download link all the resources that are hidden in the "download" leaving a "the resources for the copyright protection content statement, VeryCD does not provide the download.".

as a well-known domestic resource sharing site, users can not help but wonder: VeryCD is dead, or completely transformed?


, VeryCD said yesterday Chengdu daily in an interview with reporters said, according to the requirements of the relevant departments, in order to protect intellectual property rights, since August 30th, the VeryCD website all the resources on the eD2k download links are completely hidden.

reporter from the industry forum website to see, users have been exposed VeryCD problem time from September 1st to 10. At present, after hiding the ed2k, only the content of the introduction, user comments and other content, there are users commented, VeryCD will be completely transformed into the film and television works review, the type of interactive game site it?

, VeryCD released an official response, saying that in August 30, 2012, the eD2k download link for all resources on the VeryCD site was completely hidden. Users who are not logged in or newly registered are not authorized to view all links. VeryCD also said that if there is a user to view their own release of the resources page, you also need to submit proof of copyright, in order to verify the open does not have copyright issues.

the company official yesterday on the Chengdu Daily reporter said, this is according to the copyright protection laws and regulations need to make changes, the future is not yet decided whether to reopen, but for the netizens will charge if the open questions, said no this aspect of the plan.

currently, VeryCD removed the eD2k link, closed the movie channel download service; music channel will be some unauthorized music to remove all download links. It is understood that after the transformation of VeryCD active and publishers to provide a number of genuine audio-visual resources, but also to enter the game, etc..

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