Buy industry leap forward era completely closed 1017 websites shut down

the country is "dagankuaishang" group purchase website of the great leap forward movement has a stop. Yesterday, the independent group purchase navigation site 800 recently released "October 2011 Chinese group purchase market statistics report" data show: the total number of group purchase website negative growth for the first time, October only added 16 group purchase website, because the page cannot be accessed, the reason for stopping the updated products, such as business transformation is regarded as the group purchase website outage of a total of 1017. The total fell to 4057.

at the same time, reflect the national strength of the group purchase website suction gold "Million Dollar Club" list has been from 7 down to 5, respectively, the U.S. mission network, Wo Wo Group, handle network, rice network and public comment, the U.S. group October sales of 174 million yuan in the first place, nest nest and handle in two or three name, sales are matched, in the vicinity of 150 million yuan.

reporter compared the previous sales scale, in October from the "million club" out of the 24 tickets and full net. Full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said that sales in October did not billions of dollars, this is because the full network data not water, not blindly exaggerated, full active fever rational operation. 24 securities Public Relations Department official Zhang Yonggang said that did not see the specific sales data, the group of 800 of the data can be reference, but may be incomplete statistics. Feng Xiaohai stressed that the blind pursuit of sales meaningless, and now VC and capital markets are valued is the proceeds.


team co-founder Hu Chen believes in the environment is not an ideal situation, the first group purchase website in October basic defensive or contraction station, shift entrenched in a second tier city. But during the process of contraction maneuvers, but also because of excessive use of violence layoffs, business debt collection and other negative news frequent, making the market status of the group purchase larger public fear and distrust, which is from the beginning of the second quarter of the country caused by the inevitable consequences of the great leap forward.

previously, Wo Wo Group, 24 coupons, handles, etc. group purchase website Groupon encountered the big layoffs or even withdrawal station. Yesterday, there is news that the 24 ticket Zhongshan Railway Station suddenly closed, dozens of businesses in Zhongshan can not get the agreement, then refused to receive customer reception. 24 coupons official is in the station adjustment, including closing station part of the city, combined with large substation. However, consumers can apply for a refund.

from the urban area, although a second tier cities to buy the market tends to saturation, but the development of the three or four line of the city is surprising, showing an upward trend. 800 report shows that in July 40, a second tier city group purchase sales accounted for 84% of total sales, while in October this figure dropped to 75%; the local group purchase sales of more than 1 million yuan in the city reached 102, compared with July growth of about 20%. Although Beijing in October to 123 million yuan turnover exclusive city list of Ngau Tau, but if into the regional market comparison, the overall strength of Guangdong area to 156 million yuan to become.

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