CCTV 58 to buy expensive pet pet scam received cat dog

CCTV exposure: 58 city and Ganji discovered pet scam…

: a case at the Greyhound to send the seller is the result of……

knowledgeable people say, on the world to run the fastest dog, is the greyhound.

2015 in November, Mr. Xu Sichuan city of Jiangyou Province on the Internet and ordered a greyhound. Mr. Xu: from the Internet to see, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Hubei and Guangzhou are selling Greyhound, but leave the phone number of all the web pages are Shandong, Jining, I chose a Shandong Liangshan.

the name of the contact left on the page of the aquaculture industry, Han Huayuan, from the company’s point of view, or a more powerful enterprises. Mr. Xu immediately began to contact the man named Han Huayuan with QQ.

told Mr. Xu, there are a lot of their a greyhound, goods are also good, with a few pictures please choose Mr. xu.


: I chose the best one.

Mr. Xu after the Greyhound repeated observation of selected pictures, marking the dog age up to 6 months old, the body has the same pattern as the tiger skin, very beautiful. Mr. Xu soon talk with each other well this greyhound price of 3100 yuan, and the other is responsible for air freight.

in order to obtain the trust of Mr. Xu, the other party also sent their own business license and identity card. Mr. Xu a look, the other side is also more sincere, on the other side of the Agricultural Bank to remit 3100 yuan.

on November 8th, a company called Bunny express logistics company suddenly informed Mr. Xu went to Chengdu city Wukuaishi delivery freight station. Mr. Xu was very puzzled: is not to say that the air? How is a freight station that? These days, the dog after a long bumpy road, the state must be bad! Extremely anxious Mr. Xu and friends from Jiangyou city immediately rushed to the Chengdu city Wukuaishi freight station.


: we looked everywhere, and finally saw a little white dog, so long, so high, a little big.

According to Mr. Xu

about 6 month old Greyhound how have nearly a meter long, weighing almost 40 pounds, the greyhound dog to express how to look like 40 pounds, besides, the dog’s fur is not right, who did not like the tiger. Stripes!

case two: buy is Garfield is from small cat dying and Mr. Xu have similar experiences and Anhui zhang.

Zhang is a graduating senior, alone in a unit practice in Hefei City, because I feel lonely, plus have pets experience, so she decided to buy a Garfield in line with their.

in the 58 city network and through the Internet, Zhang found that many are selling pet information.



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