SARFT LETV serious violation of cooperation with the integrated license ban

music on Wednesday suffered more than half a year since the volume fell, the industry believes that the Department of OTT the most stringent rectification in the background of lying gun". The great wisdom news agency on Thursday learned exclusively, LETV is SARFT criticized Internet companies, according to license party insiders said, SARFT has verbally informed the 7 integrated service licenses, can no longer cooperate with letv.

streaming media network on Tuesday evening news, SARFT Internet TV and set-top boxes for the hair under a supervision order, one of which is to require licenses for serious violations of Internet enterprise administration is investigated, and the cooperation must not. But the news did not point out that is being investigated, serious violations of Internet companies, the specific name.

according to Xinhua information obtained shows that in the process of SARFT said in interviews licenses, LETV violations give high priority to the requirements of CNTV, the number of Chinese media (000156, shares) to stop cooperation with letv.

many times to call the music network stakeholders, have not received a clear answer. CNTV, the number of Chinese media were silent.

this will undoubtedly have an impact on its Internet TV box business model, but many industry insiders said, as there is room for maneuver music. Radio and television industry veteran Wu Chunyong, Xinhua said on Thursday, in this case, LETV cooperation must be carried out first and 14 content licenses, or has not yet received the local television licence application as the main content service license. Then, it was able to cooperate with 7 integrated service license. But the content audit is limited, the development is not free, as the ecological impact of music has become a foregone conclusion.

racing, secure a smooth transition is clearly overwhelmed by breaking the keywords letv. According to the streaming media online news shows, SARFT requires all license party rectification must be completed within a week, the latest in July 21st to start the inspection. It is worth noting that the great wisdom news agency was informed that LETV will be held on Saturday, a cooperation of the press conference, is expected to have a solution.

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