China’s pirated software to restore the king selling pirated discs do not understand crack

Huang Yuan

I have no impression of him, until the beginning of this year, a reporter telephone interview to know this person." Yesterday evening, the new group chairman Tang Lixin to the "First Financial Daily" reporter described Lee enjoy (and translated by Li Xiang).

2005~2008 years, pirated software King Lee has been involved in the new group is still the Chengdu Digital Plaza to sell software.

Makers of

the history of the United States largest piracy case, but that time is the most common software provider IT stores: keep 15 square meters of shops, location is not very advantageous, but also business model shop "had a small surplus.

then, Tang Lixin added: "perhaps the floor administrator will be a little impression, but he (Li Xiang) that level can not touch me."

than seen Tang Lixin and Lee strong wind and big waves, enjoy the same period in Digital Plaza, Zhang Ming (a pseudonym) is not calm. The $one hundred million sold pirated software, customers include the U.S. government staff in Saipan "entrapment U.S. security agencies"…… Lee to enjoy all of the acts, Zhang Ming puzzled and regret, he finally said in a harsh words with Sichuan: "how will he go to the United States to go to the United States?"

impression of Zhang Ming, Li Xiang or the chubby boy of more than and 20, as he and most of his peers around the "IT -" migrant workers "previously engaged in the work of IT is now selling pirated CDs Yang dish, called himself IT practitioners." Zhang Ming joked.

he is not tall, the mouth will say, get along well with people, a little Zilai shu." In the view of Zhang Ming, Li Xiang for extra baggage and with a "fortune", there is no software piracy king of the shadow; and, although enjoy the year also sell genuine software, but the main business is video equipment sales, video editing etc..

if not to say what is special about Zhang Ming on the phone, a thought: "he good foreign language, young people, do things in mind emmanuel."

a good impression of foreign language, Lee has been helped to help Zhang Ming to get the two foreigner customers. "He opened his mouth to sell a few software to go out, to know at that time few people can speak english." Zhang Ming said that Lee was selling a lot of genuine software are foreign.

at the same time, Lee and often bring some new things, such as Email, MSN, Skype and later iPhone, etc.. "Most of them just watch him play." Zhang Ming said with a smile.

by the end of 2008, Lee from Chengdu digital square evacuation. Zhang Ming said that around 2008, the real estate market is getting worse, he was also a year after the withdrawal of the square. Since then, Lee shared with them in the digital square of a group of IT workers rarely intersect.

is different from the outside world, Zhang Ming and another insider

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