The world’s largest P2P pirated resources download site KAT domain name was blocked access

Beijing time on July 21, 2016, the United States Department of justice official website suddenly released the notice, declared that the world’s largest P2P website Kickass Torrents download pirated resources (hereinafter referred to as KAT) station, the 30 year old Ukrainian Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland on the same day, the current domain name website was blocked, unable to access. Then the United States national television network CNN, American Broadcasting Center ABC, the daily mirror and other mainstream media sites, with the major technology and game site has been reported before, the degree of concern on the matter as not all websites like the Pirate Bay (The Pirate Bay) banned events.

at the same time on the day of the accident, P2P search engine isoHunt on the release of the image of the KAT station, another second days mirror station also immediately on the line, after a few days after the incident has been a number of mirror sites on-line. But so far, these mirror stations have also been shut down. This also led to a series of changes in some foreign resources such as the Pirate Bay station and Rarbg traffic have significantly improved.

explanation: arrested parties: KAT chief Artem Vaulin

stands for 8 years KAT to instantaneous destruction, why this attracted wide coverage around the mainstream media, the international network of digital content rights environment and what kind of change, these are for our next reading tour.

walking the lakes need to be cautious – KAT by

talking about KAT webmaster was arrested event, or quite dramatic.

now operates a similar pirated resources download sites, especially like KAT or Pirate Bay Bitorrent large seed station, the website server carrying is distributed in all over the world, especially the dispersion is not perfect in all copyright laws and regulations in developing countries. When the Ukrainian Artem Vaulin in 2008 and the station was never thought about their own websites could become a leader in some day in the future in this field, so the rather baffling of copyright law is one of the most – leaving the United States of Chicago city country attaches great importance to a group of servers, or the web mail server.

it gives law enforcement agencies in charge of the matter: the Department of homeland security has left an important handle. The server was traced back to about January 2016, and then identified the owner’s access to the server. At the same time, KAT still has several famous Canadian server web server provider Netelligent, based on judicial assistance treaty, Canada will police the relevant business information and server hard evidence photos to the u.s..

explanation: the US Department of Homeland Security

even worse, Artem Va>

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