New network to adjust the record support system will be limited to new users

June 21st, according to informed sources, the new network has recently upgraded the record support system, and the new host automatically extended 1 months. In front of the site for the record, the user will not be able to use the host address to access the purchased space.

it is understood, Xinwanghulian new record support system has been officially launched in June 20th, the adjustment is mainly cooperate with relevant departments to implement the site record information authenticity verification work.

it is understood that the new system will stop the host head address access, that is, the user must first apply for the record, the record is successful, by binding the domain name has been registered for the visit. For example: the host address (bound for the record domain name: previously accessible, will not be able to access the beginning of June 20th. Access only through

In addition to

, FTP users to connect through the host address, the new and old host can only enter the public host header (for example, to provide users with the host address is, users can use to connect FTP, will not be able to connect


Xinwanghulian said, in order to facilitate the user to view the contents of the site have been made in the filing period, in the host control panel to add "access authorization IP" functions of the temporary site, can come to visit the web site through this function set two IP address to be the site for the record success, domain name and space bound after the success of automatic stop IP access system privileges. (end)

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