Looking back on 2013 of the four portals history and brilliant is with the portal to say goodbye


near the end of the year, for review and prospect. Although eat four steamed buns can be controlled in less than 10 dollars, but the parking fee is 200 yuan but brush; although Feng Xiaogang took advantage of wine to the critics and audience’s 7 micro-blog, but the box office at least let him in the domestic commercial film director best in this position for a few years; the old public apology, income exposure, what movie factory each month only for less than 300 dollars, it’s no wonder, still going to take big money, not easy.

overall, 2013 is not a good year, not bad times, not bad again over the past year, so continue to ponder the "I" in the eyes of the 2013 – to four portals.

four 2001~2013 portal history and brilliant

entrepreneurs have a lot of four references. For example, the four major accounting firms, the top four law firms, there are also the top four communications companies, as well as the best advertising companies called 4A.., but China’s Internet arena has been the most commonly mentioned is the top four portals.

Chinese in the Internet is not long history, the four component is pretty heavy; but by 2013, the four major portals together have fewer opportunities, basically, this article is for me in the eyes of the "four big portal" is a short period of network industry the change is enormous, the definition of the four Internet Co is out of date to speak with the portal.

is probably because the approximate mode and time to market, probably in early 01 or at the end of 00, beginning with the 3 major portals that sina, NetEase and Sohu; launched with Tencent Tencent.com, and began to catch up with the other three sites in the flow, in about 2007, four households became relatively fixed door saying. Meanwhile, occasionally such as china.com TOM and ifeng.com and so on are trying to join the four portals ranks, but will not change the overall pattern of the four portals.

in Chinese network industry business arena, the four portals are quite successful in the past ten years, although you can use the critical point of view that they miss miss miss SNS, electricity providers, search and so on, but they are in the popularity of the Internet in the process of development and make their efforts.

portal four differentiation and 2013 rush of

four portal differentiation is not from the beginning of 2013. In the past years, the main NetEase gradually transformed into the game, supplemented by the portal mode; Sohu is to adhere to the portal, but through Sogou Video, real estate, formed the development pattern of the matrix, but the formation of resonance; sina is the most secure portal, is the most influential, but from business, Sina has been failed to achieve transcendence; Tencent, public enemy, Tencent is a large and complete Empire..

from the market point of view, the latest figures, >

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