Thunder 130 million yuan to sell Thunder KanKan million worth of domain names do

renamed China ( April 1st news, this morning, the thunder announced that Thunder KanKan will sell to 130 million yuan, millions of dollars worth of "see" the domain name uncertain.


figure: Thunder KanKan

thunder announced today, with an independent third party Beijing nesound international media Limited by Share Ltd to reach a legally binding agreement, all the shares held by the company will sell the Thunder KanKan. This transaction will be the signing of a definitive purchase agreement to complete, may transfer the domain name and other assets and Thunder KanKan to complete a specific project, business, and the transfer of Thunder KanKan’s business operations required permits and licenses.

Thunder KanKan Shenzhen thunder’s video site, held in November 23, 2012 2013 strategic conference, officially announced the beginning of independent operations. It is understood that Thunder KanKan’s official website is the use of the two domain name, thunder in early 2011, the acquisition of the domain name, the purchase price of more than one million yuan, then the thunder announced the opening of the new domain name. The thunder Pinyin domain jump to Thunder KanKan home page.

by querying the domain name information, domain name has been registered as early as 1997, a long history of registration. Kankan is to look at the Pinyin, the domain name is a superposition of domain names, concise and easy to remember. Thunder KanKan does not know "she" later, the domain name will be what kind of development.

In addition, Zou Shenglong, chairman and CEO of

, said: "I am pleased that the Board unanimously approved the sale of Thunder KanKan. As mentioned in the last earnings conference call, we believe it is necessary to use a new start to deal with the changing environment, technological innovation and a broader user expectations."

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