A5 venture network broadcast enterprise WeChat to Papi sauce was SARFT ban

1 SF Wang Wei responded to the courier was not held in the end to be president of  

April 18th news, yesterday afternoon, a SF courier was a driver of abuse and repeatedly slapped video circulating on the network in Beijing. Yesterday evening 9 o’clock, SF President Wang Wei in his personal friend WeChat said, "if I do not pursue in the end, I no longer do with SF President


according to the video content that the driver when reversing, SF courier will not be because the car scraped, the driver got off to courier lianfan abuse, despite the mediation, but the driver was at least a fan of the courier 6 slap in the face, and the courier from beginning to end is not to utter a single word.

2 enterprise WeChat is really coming! You most need to know the six question  

April 18th, the concern of the enterprise WeChat 1 release. IOS, Android, Windows, Mac four platforms simultaneously launched, the user login official website http://s.work.weixin.qq.com/ can be registered, and free to use.

office as a communication tool, this release has similar WeChat chat, also integrates the public telephone and mail function, a variety of ways of communication, help to improve the efficiency of communication. In the OA function, combined with the announcement, attendance, leave, reimbursement, users can easily complete the office needs on the phone. WeChat team said the next phase will focus on the opening of the API interface.

3 side is a huge temptation, one side is the most stringent regulation, the network go from here?  

in April 14th, the Ministry of culture announced the twenty-fifth batch of illegal Internet cultural activities and the list of live, YY, Betta, tiger, dragon, panda TV TV banners live, six rooms, 9158 and many other network broadcast platform for allegedly containing obscene, violent, abetting crime, harm the social morality content of Internet culture the products were included in the list.

a day, April 13th, Beijing city network performance (Live) self-discipline convention press conference held in mcler, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Iqiyi, Youku, music, cool, reflecting off, pepper and other more than 20 performances in the network (broadcast) the main person in charge of the enterprise jointly issued "Beijing network broadcast industry self-discipline convention".

4.Papi sauce SARFT banned Luo Zhenyu 12 million terrorist dashuipiao  

video reputation list from the source was informed that in 2016 the first network of red sauce Papi was recently banned SARFT, a video platform received SARFT

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