Those who make connections to the missing details of WeChat sellers have to pay close attention to

as a member of walking in the forefront of the web, often receive a variety of information, so WeChat Sellers one month net one hundred thousand, XXX fruit a year to sell millions of sellers, but WeChat really make money? Many friends often ask me, can only silently answer two words: oh. If you really mean it, you lose. Why do you say, WeChat sellers like Taobao Taobao than sellers, even said so reliable, because Taobao is real sales platform, but also Taobao: only 20% of the stores can make money. The rest are at a loss, and a lot of big sellers due to various cost is too high, selling more thanks to the more, for WeChat marketing, all sellers or less than 10% is really on WeChat to make money, even if it is not to make money, some WeChat marketing details we need to pay attention to.

1 had to understand the essence of WeChat

The essence of the WeChat

is a communication tool and a social platform, if we see WeChat as a store of marketing, then we completely mistaken, it is often said that one year Taobao lost more than half of the friends, do more than two years Taobao will lose all your friends, WeChat is no exception imagine, when you see all the information in the circle of friends, you have thought to make the most primitive interaction, what is more, for the grass root users, most of the telephone fees, traffic fees they have to concern, and whenever QQ open space, open the WeChat circle of friends, this time. Other WeChat products on display pictures will consume a lot of resources flow, which brings great distress to many friends, the final result is the leading cause of friends directly to the advertising. This is the screen, we don’t stand the details considered in your point of view, lost a friend, lost the chance of promotion, it The loss outweighs the gain.

2 what is the use of WeChat

If the above said

like these, how can we change these details to make friends and customers are not so hate sellers in WeChat, no matter what kind of marketing way, what is the first thing we need to do is to see this as a marketing tool, as a social tool, so why not use the most original work, for example, our products can be our own signature hang, chat and friends from time to time, about a friend’s life, only you to pay attention to others, others will think of you, really pay attention to your products, in addition, as a kind of social tools for customers, why don’t we take WeChat as their own WeChat customer service to use it, when you encounter problems, we first time Persevere, for the user to answer, we will accumulate a large amount of user resources, I think it will be much better than the effect of advertising overwhelming, because now the ads are so ubiquitous that most people have of this advertising is immune.

so, when we do marketing, not to say that a new popular

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