Challenge Baidu NetEase to search whether have

December 11th, NetEase’s own search engine Youdao search ( formally launched. Prior to its search services NetEase has been working with Google, 2006 in December launched a Youdao search beta, and in July 2007 officially became the core of NetEase’s search engine The NetEase officially launched, CEO Ding Lei even openly challenge Baidu and vowed to three years to become the first Chinese search.


NetEase officially launched its own brand of search is the August 2004 Sohu launched the "dog", July 2005, Sina launched the "Live Search" in December 2005, the Tencent launched independent domain name search site "soso" after another in the search field China Internet portal business. The role of the search engine in the portal site is mainly reflected in the increase of user activity and stickiness, the same is optimized and added their own information matrix. In today’s Chinese portal competition, lack of search engine means has a major weakness, by other competitors to squeeze the. NetEase is likely to be Youdao search with its collection of portals to complete the construction of the entire information matrix. NetEase launched the search is already a map, not mind fever.

but you need a clear point is the number of search engines including Sohu now house apartment layout and Sina, are detrimental to the development, such as Sina’s live search has given up the autonomous operation and Google cooperation to retain the vertical search business, Sohu and search engine "search dog" although the performance but to be optimistic about the industry then the business growth has been difficult, and the Tencent "soso" has been in the early stages of development can be regarded as "trial operation" state decoration. Obviously, the portal + search model is clearly not reached the expected value of these portals, can only be regarded as a fork in the overall layout barely maintained. Now this is not NetEase Sohu and Sina companies dare to say you can do it first in the industry, it is easier said than done.

is currently Baidu firmly occupy nearly 80% of the Chinese search market share, while Baidu, Google (Google) and three China YAHOO search engine is a 94.6% share, while Sogou asked and that several search engines together if they calculate the market share of 7 is reached 99%! How about, in the China Internet in a search engine, even if the NetEase crushing all the other "third group" search engine could only account for 1% of the share. NetEase is to take advantage of these 1% years of painstaking research and development, Youdao it?.

Ding Lei claimed that China search market still has room for development, this is not false. But the NetEase Youdao search such a green hand against its people like Baidu and Google native predators such international giants to basically is to fight back not to mention the idea for the first such not to the point. Net >

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